The isms line up…

There’s a scene in the TV show “Chuck” where the bad guy gets a call mid-speech and is informed that the good guys are coming to get him. He immediately notifies his partners-in-crime, who try to flee the scene and are discovered and caught as well.

This week, Donald Trump’s star is falling from the sky because he says violent and disgusting things about women and acts on them by his own admission. He is being sexist. In a variation of the “Chuck” episode, let’s see who’s behind his curtain. 1) The  police union that supported him because of his stand on violence. 2) David Duke proudly supports him, because of his stance on race. 3)Fundamentalist Christians (not Evangelicals, as they would have you believe)  support Trump  because of his stance on Islam. 4) Law-and-Order politicians support Trump because of his promise to build a wall to keep immigrants out.

I’m sure are Trump supporters who are trying to be supportive of his party but not him, though I suspect they will do some soul-searching when this is all said and done, and maybe they should. The problem is that those Trump supporters who have been proud of their support probably will not. But we know what they stand for, and there’s a reason they’re all together : because hate is hate. People who treat women like things without thinking about it can treat minorities like things without thinking about it, and people who treat immigrants like things believing they are right to do so also treat followers of other religions like things, believing they are right. Terrorists have been  beating women and children for years before going off to kill masses of gay people. It’s all the same.

I’m not trying to paint a picture of all people who support Trump as being like him, to set up a witch hunt.  I’m trying to say that the  ideologies deserve a witch hunt, and a burning at the stake (sorry about the metaphor, pagan friends). Sexism is racism is terrorism is fundamentalism is xenophobia is homophobia. Hatred of other groups of people while being proud of it, and thinking you’re right is evil, no matter who you are. So while the evil leader ideology is on stage, let’s identify the rest of the cabal.




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