How Democracy Is Supposed To Work

1) You vote.

2) Somebody wins. It could be the person you voted for. Might not be.

3) Regardless of who wins, that person is supposed to represent you.

4) If you have a problem that the government can solve, you can talk to your elected representative and ask them to consider it. They are representing you. They should try to help you.

5) Your representative has a weird role. They represent your will, unless they think your opinion or desire isn’t moral. They are supposed to be more moral, more high-minded than the populous.

That is democracy as it should be.

Why am I saying this? Because, it’s not about leaders’ power or ego, or celebrities, or corporations. It’s not about your favorite TV station. It’s not about parties. It’s about you and other people around you and the best way to be as a country.

If a candidate doesn’t believe what it says above, they shouldn’t be running. More to the point is that you shouldn’t vote for them. On this Election Day, choose wisely.