For Those Still Playing The Liberal/Conservative Game: Cut It Out!

Reading my Facebook feed today, I see Right Wing folks rolling their eyes or mocking “those liberals” and I have to say we — yes, WE — have bigger fish to fry. I don’t care about whether you’re liberal or conservative. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. I don’t care if you like me or if I like you. We can’t focus on those kinds of things. Democracy is at stake. The soul of America is at stake.  

The boat we are on is sinking and arguing about the color of our buckets isn’t going to keep us afloat. We may disagree — and we do — about many things. But let’s be honest, the Trump presidency is NOT one of them. In 4 months or so, we have seen what actual hatred of America can do.  In 4 months, Mr. Trump has given away secrets to the Russians, fired the man chasing him for possibly working with the Russians, fired a woman who noticed his friends worked with Russia, talked to, and spoke for, the FBI director about this investigation, is happy people will lose health insurance and rich people will have more of our wealth. 

How many of you voted to cozy up to the Russians? How many of you voted to lose Medicare or Medicaid? How many of you wanted to lose health care? How many of you wanted to work for “the man”, get poorer while he gets richer? I’m pretty sure he didn’t win by promising that. 

In things Trump’s gotten done, how big was the Crazy People Need Guns lobby? How big was the Feed Our Children Less Healthy Food Coalition? How many Americans were yelling for dropping our biggest bomb on Afghanistan? Trump got that done. I bet he didn’t represent you. 

Did any of us really vote for the extra Secret Service to be part of the nation’s debt? Whose agenda does it serve to use Congress’ time for investigations rather than budgets, jobs, social programs, and such? Was it me or you that decided to escalate with North Korea? How many of us voted for the “Golf Every Weekend” President? 

What about money laundering as a policy, overt racism from our Top Cop, who now has to recuse himself from some of the biggest cases the administration faces, because he might be a suspect? How many anti environmental hunters and fishers are out there. How many of us wanted ExxonMobil to run our State Department and make more money? How many Americans voted for Wall Street to rip us off even more? How many of us planned for there to be an Alt ForestService  or remove information from  websites? How many of us 

 My guess is  that none of us voted for the policies the Man in Office has made happen. He has made these decisions. He is gutting our system. He has been disrespecting the very Constitution he swore to uphold — and I’m still not convinced he’s read it! 

We need to impeach our President for being a walking, talking lie to all of us. If you still want to roll your eyes or mock somebody, get a mirror. I’ll be here looking for a life preserver.

Resisting with Peace,



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