Back To Life, Back to Theology…

This blog and its predecessor, “Like It Matters” were designed, among other things to discuss theology. As I hear certain people in the present administration make choices regarding basic needs and claim theological reasons, apparently it’s time to go back to theology — because, among other reasons — I want to protect the reputation of my faith.  To my mind, the things some people think while claiming Christianity are actually anathema to Christian teaching. 

For example: yesterday a man in Congress suggested that insurance was for good people, because good people take care of themselves and, if they get an illness, or have need of using insurance, it’s “through no fault of their own”. Apparently these people have never read the book of Job, where the good suffer, and their “friends” blame them. Apparently they don’t remember Jesus saying ” the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike”. Nor do they remember the psalmist saying, “how long must the wicked prosper?…”  We have done away with the theology that says “good happens to good people, while bad happens to bad people” and we did it centuries ago! 

Years ago, when Hitler was in power in Germany, the churches in Germany began supporting his regime, and there were few, if any, safe places to say what you saw going on around you. Theologians who seemed radical, I’m sure, created a document (the Barman Declaration) that said, in short: “There is no God but God. We know how God acts, and Hitler’s not God. To say he is (which Hitler said himself) is to at the least, miss the point, and at worse, proclaim evil as good”. Here’s my update: Donald Trump and Donald Trump-ism is not God. Capitalism is not God. Wealth is not God. To dance around and smile because you succeeded in hurting people and saying you’re Christian American is to, at the least, miss the point of Christianity and Being an American. 

Time after time, throughout history, people have made Something which isn’t God to be their God. The 10 Commandments — the Law and Order rules that some people want put in courthouses, strictly forbid such idol worship! It always fails because the thing people replace God with is only a shadow, only a sliver, only an atom, of who God is. We shouldn’t settle for half a loaf of God. To do so is to set ourselves up for failure. Failure is the opposite of success. If you want to succeed in the long run, stop having a narrow view, a short-term view, mean hearted view of God.

I know that some families who used to be “on top” of human hierarchies are now hurting or ignored because their industry has changed and so have the rules. Christians suffer so that others may have their needs met. Jesus never said, “if a man slaps you, you should shoot him in revenge”.  The Bible says, “Vengence is mine, says the Lord”.  Revenge is never a good motive in the Christian life. White Supremacy is based on the perceived slight of the “right people” by giving “the wrong people” the the things they need. White Supremacists want revenge (never a good thing)  for a perceived slight called “sharing”. Sharing is a Christian ideal. Revenge is not.

Regarding the environment, some people think “we have dominion over nature” means we can do whatever-the-hell-we want. It doesn’t. It means we’re responsible for nature. You’re not much of a ruler if you have no subjects. If you destroy them, you guarantee that you have no subjects to rule over. Try not to destroy anything or anyone under your care.  If you do, you only end up killing yourself. 

Things cannot go on being the way they are. Love and people are God’s interest. Hating each other is not. Destroying the human spirit is not. 

That’s it for now.

Resisting with Peace,


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