How To Fix This Debt Ceiling/ Shutdown Thing

I have already begun to see petitions for having people arrested for sedition after this latest shutdown. This is one way of handling this last crisis, but I’m done with verbal war. On the other side, there are those who will feel resigned to “this is the way it is” and remain hopeless. I’m sick of being depressed.

A third way, and one I’ll definitely practice, is voting all of the idiots out. Since I live in only one state and none of my representatives are idiots, I will send money, make phone calls, and do everything in my power to make sure any Tea Party candidate gets thrown out in the next election. They will not shut down my government again. This will only prevent this group of idiots from shutting down the government this time. This solution is the power we already have in this democracy.  To the rest of the world, I want to point out that America is not broken. She just needs a little “tweaking” — a slight structural change.

Here’s my solution instead — a fourth way — restorative justice. I’d pass a law, make an executive order, or use whatever other mechanism is at hand to say this: Next time a government official decides to shutdown the government over debt (aka on the backs of the poor or the working person — sadly those are often the same), any unpaid bills — whether furloughed pay for government employees or Social Security benefits for seniors, or disability benefits or welfare checks — will be paid back doubly.

For the pain and hardship that the people who get money from the government were put through for the last 16 days, they will receive double what they would have made. This way, instead of saving money by shutting down the government and hurting the people, they will be officially costing the government money by doing so and helping the people that elected them.  Enough of threatening the government and hurting people. We need to ensure that elected officials support the government and help those in need and those we have made promises to for their work.

Enough already. Let’s get this done.