I Don’t Care Why. Just Don’t Do It.

I have tried to think about it. I have tried to parse out the reasons why cops kill Black people. I have prayed. I have marched. I will continue to do those things, but it won’t stop because I’m not shooting people. I’m not assaulting people of any color. Police are. I’m done trying to understand. How do we stop police from killing innocent— or even not so innocent — Blacks? Here’s the answer:

Police, don’t shoot Black people.

That’s it.

Don’t’ “shoot first and ask questions later”, as cool as that might seem on TV or the movies. Don’t shoot because you’re scared. Don’t shoot and learn about racism later. Don’t shoot and learn to manage your anger because a judge said to. As citizens, we’re often told to “show some self restraint”. You need to show some self-restraint! The first thing that should happen in any situation should not be to pull out your weapon. Police in Britain don’t, at least I think that’s still true.

If someone ran a red light, or was driving erratically, or fleeing, none of those things require guns. Don’t shoot. Be careful, of course, but don’t shoot! There must be some way to stand and get the license and registration without getting anyone hurt or killed. As a therapist, I can say that if people want to figure something out, they can. Actually figuring it out will prove that you, as police, want to.

Is a car , even a stolen one, worth a life — of another Black person or a police officer? Do you want the country to blow up for the sake of a license plate? Really?

Seek peace in our streets by making peace in our streets. I don’t care why, but the tack being taken now isn’t working for anyone.

Resisting with Peace,



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