Underneath It All

While he sucks all the air out of the news, there are a few things President Trump doesn’t want you to notice:

The Government still is fighting the pandemic with one hand tied behind its back. Who’s twisting that arm? DJT! We need testing for everyone! We need results from everyone! We need tracing! We need PPE! A *good* vaccine will take time. It just will. It doesn’t matter whether we like it or not. We know what to do. The Guy won’t let us! Why?

DJT’s taxes come before the Supreme Court. Did he forget to mention that? I’m shocked that there’s gambling in River City!

America’s healthcare is threatened. How? The Feds, at DJT’s request, are trying to dismantle Obamacare. “Why?”, you may ask. Does it matter why? People will die.

The DOJ under Bill Barr is destroying the rule of law. All of the Russians will be let off, then the American criminals. Why? DJT.

The Postal Service is threatened with being taken out of business. Why? It’s because DJT doesn’t like Jeff Besos. I don’t particularly like Besos either, but I’m not going to destroy his competition to prove it.

Abortion Rights are coming up in the Supreme Court. Why is no one protesting? 1) Because of the pandemic and 2) because idiots are protesting first… for their “right” to get their hair cut, have a beer, go to the beach and threaten a governor with guns.

The economy is destroyed, and won’t be able to get better until we do…testing, tracing, and so on. What’s the plan to fix it? Same as always — give the CEOs money.

Racism is being stoked by DJT and Steven Miller. New deaths in Georgia, more repression of the vote for Blacks in Southern States. Nazi flags show up at “Freedom” riots?

There’s been the release of the Russia Collusion Report by the Senate Intel Committee. Yes, Russia did collude with DJT, no matter what Mr. Barr says. Deal with it.

Given all of this going on, why would DJT want to stop the coronavirus, and let you think about those things? Just saying…

Resisting with Peace,



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