Every Day Can Be Easter!

As someone who struggles with depression, there are days when simply waking up feels like coming out of a tomb. That is Easter.

As someone who believes in, and occasionally fights for, justice, it has been at least 40 years of trying to support people while leaders try to bring them down. In that struggle, people like Joan Baez come along, the Parkland “kids” come along, Moms Against Gun Violence come along, Greta Thunberg comes along, the Chapin Family comes along, and lifts the burden, Those days are Easter.

As someone who tried to figure out where they fit for years, there was, and still is, the Deering community. Every time I see or hear from or hug, a member of that community, it is Easter. Lately, I have added communities: a prayer group on line, CYC people, South Church UCC in New Britain, CT. In each case, when I am there, it is Easter or at least a reminder that Easter exists.

As a therapist, when I meet people who have lived their whole lives under the weight of abuse, who think they’re crazy because life’s catastrophes have happened to them repeatedly, or have come to believe they don’t deserve to live, or that their married life is hopeless, and a light goes on their minds, or a smile comes to their lips, or a laugh comes from their belly, it is Easter. Anytime an addict stops doing the thing that has been killing them, I witness Easter.

As a human being, anytime people do a favor or show they care, or tell the truth to evil people, or they have a plan to fix things, it is Easter. Every time a hungry person gets a meal, a homeless person has a place to be, an abuse victim finds peace, or the lonely find love, it is Easter for them. Helping it happen means witnessing Easter one more time.

Easter requires a rock to be pushed out of the way. This year it feels like there are so many “rocks” between us and life: hatred, violence, oppression, abuse, destruction of any progress made under the last President, and now destruction of so many parts of our foundation as a country. It is easy to find boulders closing us off from living. Anytime one of those things is prevented, it is Easter for someone, maybe for all of us. This year, the Coronavirus is a new, very heavy rock.

I think it was George Carlin who said, “light doesn’t work so well without a “dark” to stick it into. All of our “rocks” are the dark. Resurrection and hope and Jesus are the light. Whenever those things happen, big or small, Easter happens.

When this Coronavirus isn’t the scourge that it is now, and we can go back to seeing each other, it will be Easter yet again. For right now, we have to settle for all those other Easters.

Resisting with Peace,



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