An American To Do List…

During the Trump Presidency, the Ryan-led House and McConnell-led Senate, we’ve taken a lot of losses. I just want to keep track of all the things we will need to fix.

  • Acknowledge the truth of climate change and, now, work harder than the Paris Accords to fix it.
  • Fix any damage caused by the Dakota oil pipeline leaks.
  • Restore the Voting Rights Act.
  • Have, and use, paper ballots for all 50 states.
  • Fix healthcare, and if we’re into restorative justice, call it “Obamacare”
  • Pay off a larger national debt.
  • Make sure that anyone who wants to can serve in the military, while simultaneously making war less likely.
  • Fix our relationships with NATO
  • Return National Parks to their proper size.
  • Restore the Clean Water Act.
  • Give teachers a living wage in all 50 states.
  • Rebuild Puerto Rico and fix their financial structure
  • Fix and then use the department that does security clearances.
  • Stop school shootings
  • Reinstate the ban of severely mentally ill gun owners.
  • Start actually fixing our infrastructure.
  • Get coal miners jobs that will last.
  • Move the Israel embassy back to Tel Aviv
  • Build prisons big enough to hold all the people caught in the Russia scandal, and give Black men jobs guarding them.
  • Fix corrupt police departments
  • Allow women to make their own health care decisions, while making Viagra not covered by insurance.
  • Fix DACA. Give people who have suffered uncertainty full citizenship.
  • Hire as many ambassadors as we need, and teach diplomacy.
  • Require every generation after this to take civics.
  • Return to a clean energy policy.
  • Require police to shoot only as a last resort.
  • Remove the ill-gotten Neil Gorsuch.
  • Replace him with someone the full Senate can agree on.
  • Restore the Equal Pay act.
  • Restore the consumer protection bureau to full power.
  • Restore school lunch programs.
  • Feed the hungry.
  • House the homeless.
  • Give people a living wage for their work.
  • Make voter registration required.
  • Enforce sanctions against Russia.
  • Teach televangelists the gospel.
  • Stop telling lies on cable news.
  • Break up Sinclair broadcasting.
  • Get a Press Secretary who doesn’t lie.
  • Demand honesty from our entire government.
  • Restore HUD’s mission statement.
  • Take back any money Carl Icahn stole.
  • Shore up our support for the Iran deal.

We have lots of work to do. The sooner we can stop things from getting worse, the faster we can get to the list.

Resisting with Peace,



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