A Retelling

And behold, in the first year of the Trump administration, a pundit asked Jesus “Who is the strongest political candidate in the race… is it the one whose base watched Fox News or the one whose base watched MSNBC?. People are asking on Facebook and your answer will be placed against theirs. Jesus responded: “What exactly does a politician do?”. The pundits asked, in unison, “They wield power and affect the lives of those around them”. Jesus answered, “The person who does that best”.

But the troll, seeking to justify himself, said “And who is that?”.

Jesus replied, “There was a town nearby the capital of a country, not so far that it had no influence, but not so close that it wasn’t independent and free-thinking.” And lo, there was a town looking to elect a candidate from their district. The town was burdened by a changing economy, a lack of jobs for years, poor education, a lack of food, and rampant addictions had fueled a great anger amongst the people which led to violence among its citizens…

Three candidates approached the people of the town. One was a Law-and-Order candidate who said to the people, “I understand your anger. I feel the same way. I’ll go to the Capitol and give them what for! They can’t tell us how to run our lives while desecrating our Laws and Traditions! I’ll bring your anger to them!” He threatened to use his anger to overthrow the educated, elite people in the town if he won. That candidate lost.”

“The second candidate had compassion for the people, but no knowledge of how to fix things, as they didn’t agree with the Laws and Traditions of the people. They were determined to rid the backward ways of the people. That candidate also lost”.

“There was a third candidate, a transgender woman, who both loved the people and knew how to fix things, because she knew the law and had compassion because she understood their pain. She made no such promise of retribution. That candidate won”.

Jesus asked the troll, “Who do you think was the strongest candidate?”. The troll grumbled… “The one who won.”

“And how did that candidate win?”, Jesus asked.

The troll, lacking any understanding, said, “I’m as confused as you are”.

Jesus answered, “Because she cared about the people, including those she didn’t agree with. of Go and do likewise”.

And the troll remained confused.

Resisting with Peace,




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