We Were ALL Right! 

I frequently tell clients that they know what they see and feel.  America, you know what you see and feel. All of you.  American government does not work. It hasn’t for quite some time. You work harder and get less. Your kids can’t afford college, but school departments don’t fund High Schools. They can’t. The money is gone to politicians and bankers and lobbyists and lawyers, and yes, politicians who are all of those, depending on whether they are in office or out of it. 

Yes, many elected officials no longer go into the job to represent you. They go into office to represent themselves. They like the power. They like writing the rules to benefit themselves. They like getting rich and having the “freedom” to get richer.

Now, here’s the thing. Is Donald Trump corrupt? Yes, in ways we can’t even imagine yet. Is Hillary Clinton corrupt? With Donna Brazile’s new book coming out, it seems that they answer is yes, as well. Both things can be true. Are Donna Brazile’s hands clean. I gather they aren’t. The system is rigged. And we have been too busy fighting among ourselves to notice.

In the last election, populism raised its head. On the right, people were fed up with Clinton and voted for Trump. On the left, people were fed up with every Republican that wants to turn back the clock and bows to the god of “trickle down”. Meanwhile, 90% of Americans lives don’t work financially. Yes, Bill, “It is the economy, stupid”. What you did about it didn’t help. Nor did what George W did. I still think Obama was a statesman, and a good man, but that doesn’t matter anymore. He may have been too late to save politics, especially post- Citizen’s United. In any case, he’s not the President anymore, and he’s not coming back. 

So what’s the solution? We are the solution. If it’s not working, make it work. 

Since some politicians are still in it to represent us, support them. You know if they are. Your life works better than many. But if your elected official is in it for the power, or the money, get involved in politics yourself. My friend Rick is. Other people are. Even if you think you don’t have the brains God gave a horse, could you be any worse than who is in power now? If you have an iota of morality, intelligence, and willingness to serve others, to make people’s lives better, you’ve got what it takes! The rest is style points and details. You can figure it out from there. The joy of having this many corrupt politicians, is that you — even on your worst day, could do better than that. Why? Because you know what you see, America. You know what you see.

Resisting with Peace,



One thought on “We Were ALL Right! 

  1. If you believe what you say, sounds like you might start to be starting to think as a Libertarian. Government is NOT the answer.

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