Trump Must Go. Now!

A recent article in The Nation  discussed from a variety of points of view whether we should let the process play out or whether we should impeach him sooner rather than later. What it boiled down to is this: Is Pence more dangerous? Keep him. Is Trump’s getting nothing done helping people? Keep him. Is he too dangerous to leave in much longer? If yes, he has to go. 

Today, when Donald Trump decided to back out of the Paris Climate Accords, he put himself in the last category. Forget politics. Forget ethics. Forget classism. Forget racism. Forget whatever you have for or against him. A man who chooses to deny climate change, or declines to do anything about it, is not — and cannot be — concerned for the welfare of America’s citizens. It’s not just the act, though that is enough. The problem here is intent. Why would anyone choose to do this? Trump apparently said he was elected by Pittsburgh, not Paris. There are two problems: 1) Pittsburgh doesn’t support the decision and 2) America is more than just Pittsburgh. Trump was elected to be President of the entire country, with its miles and miles of coastline. I have nothing against the Rust Belt, and in fact, I want them to have jobs and education and food and all the things they need. Still, America is more than the Rust Belt, Bible Belt or any other piece of the country. 

 Deny all you want, Mr. President, but if there’s even a chance in your mind that climate change will make things worse for the entire planet, at least attempt to stop it. You’ll attack N. Korea because it threatens lives. You’ll attack Syria because they kill and maim people. You’ll attack the Press because they bother you, but you don’t feel threatened enough by global climate change and its effects on all Americans to at least attempt to stop it?! 

With every other issue that follows this campaign, with the isolation of our allies, and now with this, it is clear that the President is actively working against America’s interest. He needs to step down. If he won’t do that, we need to remove him. We must start now.
Resisting with Peace,


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