The Curse of Getting What You Want…

This one’s going to hurt. Republicans are going to have their rear-ends handed to them in 2018, and they will deserve it. John McCain and Lindsay Graham will retain their seats, possibly. Mitt Romney might come out of wherever he’s been, but the Republican “brand” will be done. Time’s up. Thanks for playing. Couldn’t happen to nicer guys! (The Republican women I know of seem to be sane, but ask Fox News: they’re not real Republicans. They are Republicans In Name Only (RINOs).  

Those people out to prove they are real Republicans are psychopaths. The election season featured a time when Republican candidates for President tried to see who could say the most absurd thing. Then they elected the most absurd among them.

 I don’t  know that they won via chicanery, but things they did didn’t make things better.  Voter suppression that they called “just checking up” — is a non-issue, literally. Voter fraud is almost unheard of in real life America. Then, there was redistricting — making votes count in a certain way that benefited them. Then there was the governor of one of the Carolinas who tried to cripple the winner’s position and was told “no” by the court later. All of this, we’re told, was to stake the claim of White men in the world, and to save the jobs of miners in Kentucky or steel workers in Michigan so they would feel important again.

And sure enough, those White men who want to hold power over others, and the wives who believe they’re right to do so, voted for Donald J. Trump — the P.T. Barnum of Presidents. There may be “a sucker born every moment”, but no one likes to discover they were a sucker. In fact, once the shock wears off, suckers are going to be really, really angry.  That’s why I wouldn’t want to be them in 2018.  The one thing everybody in America wants is to “drain the swamp” of lobbyists, corrupt officials, and nothing happening for the actual people of America. So, did Trump bring in people who understood “the little guy” ? Nope. He brought in people who barely know the little guy exists, except as someone to enrich themselves by. People didn’t like Hillary Clinton taking money from Goldman Sachs, Trump has taken the entire Board of Directors from there. 

People didn’t like Obamacare. Now those people see into the hearts of the people in government who hated it. Turns out it wasn’t just Obamacare they hated. Turns out they also hated the people who got in the way of any profits they could make — people whose life and death decisions would be forced because they had an illness but didn’t have money. Infrastructure still needs to be built. But unless it has a defense department contract attached to it, it’s not going to happen. Coal miners can have their jobs back. They just can’t live off their pay or drink from the water nearby, because money was the issue, not them. 

Steel workers? Well, they could get work if they would be willing to build The Dakota Access Pipeline and destroy Native American lives. Now the pipeline is going to be built, but –guess what? — no American Steel. Money can be made elsewhere. They traded in their morality for a chance at dignity. Now, they have neither. 

Now, we get to the Supreme Court, where Mitch O’Connell and the Republicans changed the rules — while oddly claiming that they wanted respect for morals again. People with morals don’t have to break the rules. Now they have a Supreme Court Justice who was nominated by a con man. Even if Gorsuch gets the job, his judgeship will always be tainted. He got a job through cheating and was nominated by a man who (we’ll find out) was colluding with the Russians. He’ll get the title, but none of the respect. 

When cheating, they ripped off most of America. The only suckers left were the desperate people who voted for Trump. Now they know they are they have been lied to, and taken advantage of. As my wife was told about an ex-boyfriend, “they’ll have to move on. No one else will date them”. 

And finally, none of this will be the Democrats’ fault. The Republicans will have gotten everything they wanted. They got the White House. They got the Senate. They got the House. They got a shot to pick someone for the Supreme Court. They showed their cards and the cards were diseased. The Titanic is sinking with all the “best”, “most deserving” people on it. The people with the best seats on the deck will see the ocean first, just like they wanted. The only people who will be left will be those who thought they got left behind. Bon Voyage! The boat launches in 2018, even sooner if they try hard enough.

Resisting with peace,


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