Think! Have A Conscience! Do Something! 

Last night, I received an email from that said, 

“Yesterday, 10 Electors demanded an intelligence briefing on Russian meddling in the Election. Now, that number has climbed to 40. According to Politico, the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign are so concerned about the Electoral College vote on Monday, they are even monitoring Electors social media activity. 

The bigger the crowds and media attention when Electors go to every state capitol on Monday Dec 19th to cast their votes, the better equipped they will be to do the right thing and do the will of the people — and the more we’ll debunk Trump’s claim of a “mandate” after he lost the popular vote and was helped by Russia.” 

I think I’ll go. What do I hope it will accomplish? I’m not sure. Could weird things happen one way or the other? Given this year’s election, you never know. Will I still go? Yep. 

I had a very lengthy chat yesterday with someone I respect who worried that if the electors somehow change the election results, it could lead to all out conflict between citizens. Given the fractured state of this country, that is a possibility. It is not one that I want or long for in any way — not even close. 

I also just read a scathing, mocking op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that says it’ll make things worse for the democrats, as it historically has. Everything it says is possibly correct about the future but those people are my spiritual tribe. Abbie was a bit much, but it was people like that who stopped the Vietnam war and made us think about war in general. 

So what do I want to happen? I want the electors to have all the information they need. I want them to think about what they’re doing. Then, I want them to vote their conscience. If they do that, democracy wins. I don’t care what answer they come up with. I don’t care what actions they take. (Well, yes, I have an opinion about what action I’d like them to take, but that’s not the point.)  We get democracy back by taking democracy seriously — and by expecting others to do the same. 

If we deliberate, if we talk, and argue, and think, and feel before we do anything, that’s the best anyone can ask of us. Still, I’m sick of pretending that’s what we do in America. I’m all for feelings. That’s how I make my living. But that is only one part of living. Many people I see (in and out of the office) have FEELINGS but can’t hold them back with thoughts. Other people I know have incredible thoughts, but wouldn’t know a feeling if it bit them. Unfortunately, the feeling group is more into action — and making their voices heard! — than the thinking group, and have been for awhile. That’s how we got here. 

I’m sick of arguing with people who don’t believe in facts. I’m sick of people who just want to be heard, but don’t want to listen. To the extent that I have been one of those people, I’m sorry, and I hope it’s not been often.  I heard a Trump supporter in a discussion with Bernie Sanders where the Trump supporter said he thought Trump was crude, but was opening a dialogue. I believe him. I believe that’s what he thought. But it’s not a dialogue if everybody isn’t talking or only some people listen. I for one, expect to listen, but I also want to be listened to.  I’m willing to freeze in the Connecticut  cold to “speak”.  I think it’s time we pushed the pendulum hard and back the other way. Yes, I do, but that’s me. 

When I started blogging, I did a whole section on “Do your own theology” which encouraged people to do just that. I believed that people have the ability to use their brains and hearts to know what God calls them to do. I still do. So, there it is: do your own theology about politics. Let your moral compass — the brains, heart, and faith God gave you ( or brains, heart, and ethics if you’re not a believer) guide you.

And to the Wall Street Journal guy: this isn’t an “outside of the system end-around, it is the system. If, as you say, these are the rules that got Trump elected, then so be it. Take the rules seriously or get rid of them. If the electoral college has to vote like automatons, why are they there? Isn’t that another example of do-nothing government that doesn’t take into account the will of the people?  I’m against that. I’d like a represtative democracy that repress the will of the people. Is that too much to ask?

Resisting with peace,


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