Impeach Rick Snyder (Governor of Michigan)!!!!!!!!

OK, one of the reasons I’m on a “food justice” kick, to be honest, is that I’m sick of the political bantering, hatred, and fighting over politics. Like many a church, I wanted to do something “safe” from politics. Seriously, I thought, who could be against food?  I’m sure I’ll find out in the next few months or years as I study and do what I can regarding the issue, but honestly, what kind of a person is against people eating?

If you include “water” in the category of “food”, and I’m sure my food justice friends do, I have just found the poster-boy for anti-humanity.

Seen on my friend Cat’s Facebook page, here’s the original article:

“The state of Michigan filed a motion Thursday seeking to be relieved of the “unnecessary” and “insurmountable burden” of delivering cases of bottled water to Flint, Mich., residents affected by the lead-contaminated water crisis.

In their motion, officials for Gov. Rick Snyder likened the requirements of a court order issued last week to a large-scale military operation, and said that it would cost the state at least $10.45 million a month or $125 million a year, the Detroit News reports.”

I don’t know much about the situation — for instance, I don’t know people simply don’t leave Flint. But I know that taking care of people that you poisoned, or you are responsible for (the citizenry) is the right thing to do. Refusing to do so is simply wrong.

I get that $125 million per year is a lot. I do. Too bad. 

Budgetary reasons are important to take into account, but maybe if they actually fixed the pipes in Flint, they wouldn’t have this problem. Maybe if they hadn’t poisoned people in the first place, they wouldn’t have this problem. Maybe if they bought new houses for people so that the residents of Flint could move, they wouldn’t have this problem.

Maybe if they took responsibility for their actions, the government might have the moral right to tell others that they should.

I hate to even talk money, because people are the issue, but it’s a pay-me-now or pay-me-later situation. Lead poisoned kids are going to require special-ed resources for the rest of their lives. Do you know how much that’s going to cost? Lead poisoned people are going to have impulse control problems. Do you know how much that’s going to cost to deal with it in police and jail? And disability claims? Those are going to be incredible!  …Or you can pay for clean water now, Mr. Snyder.

I’m tired of governments having money for bombs, but not books, but one could almost, with a heck of a stretch, claim that books and education aren’t necessary to life. Water, like food, is necessary to life.  Get it done, Mr. Snyder, or resign and let someone else do it.  If he doesn’t, the people of Flint should simply, on the grounds of human decency, impeach him.

Resisting oppression with… peace,




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