Who I’ll Vote For

Someone posted on Facebook “Why in the richest country in the world do we have the second highest poverty?” This spurred me to think about politics and candidates and what’s there and what not.

I’ll vote for the person who:

Wants everyone in America to eat.

Wants everyone in America to have a place to live

Wants all those housed people to have heat or cooling when they need it.

Wants everyone to have clothes, not expensive clothes — good clothes.

Wants the right people to “step up and do their part” so that those who are tired now can take a break.

refuses to let their own people die at the hands of those who are supposed to guard their rights

believes in the worth and dignity of all people.

will not destroy the planet in the name of … well, anything.

wants more people’s voices to be heard, not fewer.

wants children to be children and learn about reality

doesn’t foster hate or division or fear in order to gain votes.

treats all the people of the world as worthy of dignity.

Find me That candidate and I will vote for them. I have to think that when we take care of the people and the environment, regardless of policy or persuasion, we will have better lives.


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