“Matters” means a lot of different things
1) Something to do, as in “take care of these matters right away”.
2) Something important, as in “that matters to me”
3) Something with mass or weight, the thing in physics that’s not energy. It’s the stuff that exists .

That last one is kind of odd. Apparently, there’s a lot of space in matter between the positive and negative ions. In other words, there’s a lot of nothing in the things we think of as something.

Our culture is the same way. There’s a lot of nothing that we take to mean something. I don’t want this blog to be one of them.

Life is too important. Your time is too important. Your opinion is too important. I remain convinced that my opinion is no more important than yours. It’s no less important either, so I don’t want to waste either of our times. I want this to be a place where things I value get aired and where things you valued get aired.

So what does matter to me? Certainly not everything and certainly not the things I’m supposed to be interested in. I have fantasized lately about creating a satirical “reality” magazine like the ones I see at the checkout counter where “Kim” and “Debbie” fight over “Tom”, or teen mother “Sue” grieves over her miscarriage of “Ronnie’s” child. I put these names in quotes because the magazines somehow assume I should know and care who these people are. I don’t and you won’t find them here. Ironically, I hope that this blog is more based in reality than “The Real World”. The other thing is that the blog won’t cost you as much as the magazine at the checkout counter. In addition to it being free I want people to get something from it — hope or a thought to chew on for a while or some acknowledgement of good people you don’t hear about elsewhere or news that means enough to talk about long after the next 15 minutes.

In the old days, someone like CBS used to do in-depth reporting about things like the war rather than spending 5 minutes a day for 6 months on the latest news about Monica Lewinsky — nothing of depth, said repeatedly, about someone who doesn’t make national policy and who, frankly, doesn’t matter to me. I don’t really consider this blog journalism, but I want it to be closer to the old CBS than the new CNN or FOX.
Because of that it won’t appear daily or anything. It has to stick in my craw longer than that or make my heart leap or my mind change before I will write about it, and that simply doesn’t happen every day.

So, to sum it up, I want this to be a unique and special blog about unique and special people and ideas . I want it to matter, and I hope it does.




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