I Swear It’s This Simple.

Kidnapping is wrong. Shooting people is wrong. Shooting people to permanently disable them is wrong.

The Police’s job, like it says on the car, is “Protect and Serve”. If they are killing people, they are neither protecting nor serving.

Yes, Black Lives Matter. So do Asian lives. So do Hispanic lives. So do White lives. So do female lives. So do male lives. So do transgender lives. So do gay lives. So do heterosexual lives. So do senior lives, adult lives, teenage lives, and children’s lives. None of them should matter more than the others. That’s the point. The fact that some people had to say their lives matter before anyone cared is the problem. The fact that some people still deny that Black lives matter is still a problem.

“Illegal” should be akin to “immoral”. If you hold yourself to the standard of “moral”, “legal” shouldn’t be a problem. If you get arrested while being moral, there’s a problem with the law.

People shouldn’t be behind bars if they were being moral. See also: Immigration policy, children, family separation, driving while Black, in jail awaiting bail…

Physical abuse is wrong. Sexual abuse is wrong. Emotional abuse is wrong. At the very least, the first two should be illegal.

There is not Republican law and Democrat law. There is American law. It ought to be moral, and it ought to apply to everyone.

There’s a reason we don’t have a king — actually lots of them. Any politician who acts like a king and believes that’s always right doesn’t get the concept of Democracy. If they don’t understand the concept of Democracy, they shouldn’t be running it.

Experts know more than most of us about a certain thing. Health experts know more about health than most of us. It’s best if we listen to them.

People shouldn’t die because of policies. If they do, there’s a problem with the policy, and, if it happens a lot, there’s a problem with the government. If your government wants you to risk your life, they better have a darn good reason.

Really. Seriously. Is this that too hard to understand?

Resisting with Peace,


Black Is Beautiful And…

I’m watching the movie “Cry Freedom” about South Africa in 1977, and I see America today, or a month ago, I can’t tell which. Steven Biko died after being beaten, in a police truck, just like Freddy Gray died in Baltimore a few years ago. We were about 40 years behind South Africa when Gray died. Let that sink in.

It’s 5 years later, George Floyd is dead. The Senate can’t pass an anti-lynching law, let alone a full-fledged police brutality bill. Who doesn’t see lynching as crime? How is that possible? Who doesn’t see beaten Americans as a crime…unless you don’t think of Black people as Americans. In that case, it makes perfect sense.

Just as it suddenly made sense when Japanese-Americans were put in concentration camps during World War II. Suddenly, they weren’t Americans. Suddenly, American law didn’t apply to them. They hadn’t changed. The law did. Muslim-Americans were targeted, and the law was changed after 9/11. They also hadn’t changed. Once again, the law (the “Patriot Act”) changed. People have sought asylum in this country since there was a country. Three years ago, asylum seekers became “criminals”. Again, they were the same people that they always were. Now, because the law changed, they are dying — as “criminals”.

Anyone can be a non-American… except White people, and liberals. Since the days of Ronald Reagan, liberal White people have been told to be ashamed. For years in this country, “liberal” was an epithet. After that, FOX News held us back. Bill Clinton was called “slick Willie” for most of his presidency, because he was sneaking around being a “liberal” non-threat. When Obama was elected, the country might just as well have elected Afrikaans to the Senate. Mitch McConnell is not just “another guy with another opinion about the way things should be”. He’s a White Supremacist trying to enforce apartheid on all of the America, just as much as Pik Botha did. The majority of people want it one way. White Supremacy wants it to stay “the old way”. It is so entrenched in who we are, that it seems reasonable to 30% of the population. How do I know this? Trump has never lost his base — 30% of people, and as he continues to increasingly more insane, they go with him. From the other side, every non-Trump supporter understands that it will take the House, the Senate, and the Presidency being Democrat to change things. We have to hold all of the cards to have a chance of changing laws that see some of us criminals.

Now, here’s the weird part: except for 2 or 3 years in the early 70’s, it has always been illegal to be Black. Maybe it was then, too. But for a few brief, shining moments, Black was beautiful. The radio played “Say it loud, I’m Black and proud”. That’s when I grew up — when the possibility of a fully American America was possible. Then, liberal White causes “cut in line” : Women, gays, and so on. Why? Because White people believe that European heritage is what made this country. Being White, for them, is normal. It is the thing we are all measured against here. Remember “Buppies” — Black yuppies? They believed that if they could measure up to Whiteness, by straightening their hair, being lighter skinned and having wealth, they could be Americans. There are no more buppies. Why? Because you can never be White enough for conservative Whites, even if you’re White and liberal. Still, they don’t kill us. Blacks can never be White enough, simply because of the color of their skin. The fact that Black folks can die because they can’t be White enough is the definition of White Privilege. We White folk didn’t notice it, because we were safe, relatively.

That cultural revolution — where Black Lives Matter because Black is Beautiful — stopped for years after the 70’s. Since the 1980’s, time in America has actually gone backwards. 40 years after the 1980’s we’re starting the 1950’s, when America was “pure” and Whiteness was “normal”.

Here’s the thing, though: Black people haven’t changed since the 1970’s. The law has changed. Sound familiar? Starting way back with the Bakke decision, that Whites were being discriminated against by affirmative action. Hell, back then, even I believed that. My love of my own kind blinded me to the racism I wasn’t taught and didn’t see. But I knew the revolution wasn’t finished. Even back then, in upstate New York, and in Bridgeport, Connecticut, I knew the revolution wasn’t finished. I didn’t know how unfinished it was, but I liked Black too much of Black culture and new far too many decent, intelligent, kind, and deeply spiritual Black people to ever give up on that hope, yes, that “dream” of an America where we’re all Americans. Yes, Black really is beautiful. It always has been. It’s time to forge our laws into something that sees that. It’s time to know about, and care about, laws that give voice to hatred, by making Black folks “un-American” criminals.

We do a weird thing in America today that Steven Biko was trying to explain to South Africa all those years ago: Black is beautiful doesn’t mean White isn’t. It just means what it says. Black Lives Matter is the same thing. It doesn’t say that White lives, or blue lives, don’t matter. It just says that Black lives do. If we’re feeling threatened by someone else’s goodness, that is, as one of my children would say, “a you problem”, not their problem. Our lens of “White = America” needs to come off, simply because it’s only partially true. Yes, White is beautiful, except when it’s not. Violent laws don’t make America beautiful. Let’s finish the American revolution, by having all America be part of it, and let us see that Black is beautiful once again. As long as we can see beauty in all lives, even Black ones will matter.

Resisting with Peace,


What Did They Think Would Happen?

Ok. Here it is— the day of no surprise. Coronavirus cases, and deaths from them are rising as bad as they were at the beginning of this whole mess, except in most of New England and New York State. Why is that? Not to put too fine a point of it, but it’s because we’re not stupid! Really, that is the answer. On March 28, I not a scientist, not an expert in any way wrote a piece called “Seriously, Don’t Be An Idiot, or Evil”.

I listened to the experts, I live with people who know enough to explain what was happening, and I talked to actual people I trusted to know what to do. Lastly, my state has a governor who did the same things. Ned LaMont, whatever you think of his politics , stepped up and led our state through the absolute hell of the period from March til now. People in other states saw what was happening. They saw Governor Cuomo give a daily briefing on how horrible or good things were. He told them “this is what you’re facing”. It was a learning moment/teachable moment and that should have been enough.

There were plans on how to cope with the virus. Most of our government didn’t follow the plans. Dr. Fauci did, or tried to describe what they were supposed to be, at the least.

We had a chance to stop this thing, and we didn’t. The government stopped believing in science. Then people played politics with it, and things got worse. The government kept protective gear away from certain states, possibly so they could make money off of the infighting between states, and things got worse here than they ever needed to be. But the rest of the country saw this happening! Did they not think it could happen to them??? I guess not. Meat packing plants kept opening against the advice of experts. Lots of people died.

Once we knew that asymptomatic people could transmit the virus, we here in the North understood that if we wanted to not kill others, we would have to wear a mask. A month later, the governor of Georgia, I think, suddenly discovered asymptomatic transmission was a real thing.

But putting aside the government’s response, people —individual people — with no particular institution they were attached to — decided that no one could force them to wear a mask. People were having anti-vax parties and now they were having “COVID parties”. They died, or they got really, really sick.

Back to people— regular people. They were told to social distance. They drank, and partied, and didn’t social distance. Surprisingly to no one they got sick. To prove that they knew what it meant to be free, people without masks brought guns to the State House of Gretchen Whitmer. I’m sure that some of them got sick. A state tried voter suppression by forcing people to vote in person. Worried for their lives, they went anyway. Some of them died. Then all hell broke loose and there were riots in the streets. Many of the protesters and rioters and the police wore masks. Still, rates of the virus went up. More people died or got sick.

Now Texas, Florida, and many other states have rising virus rates. Texas and Florida were warned time and time again (see above!) that this would happened. WHAT DID THEY THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?!

Now, we’re here, at this place and this time, and we are back to square one. Do I care that people there will die? Of course I do. Do I care that idiots die of this thing? Kinda not so much!!! But here’s the problem: I have come to understand that you can’t separate the idiots from the innocent ones who had to put up with this insanity. They seem to live in the same place.

If there were a way to separate idiots and intentional killers out, I’d be happy to let them “take a long walk off a short pier”. I’d actually be ok with that. If you’re from out of state, and you did this, understand that now. I don’t want you here! Stay out! Deal with your own stupidity. You want to talk about personal responsibility and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps? Well, here’s your chance. Do it. Learn your lessons. Then, if you’re still alive, maybe you can come here. The problem is…

There are lessons to be learned here, things to take away from all of this. If you (or I) don’t learn these things, we are simply going to die. If you want to die, don’t listen to them. It is as simple as that.

1) Science really works. Listen to actual scientists. Learn from real experience.

2) The laws of science are bigger than politics. Since facts don’t care about politics, choosing politics over science is a deadly choice.

3) The laws of science are bigger than the economy. An unscientific world view kills economies. Ask the meat packers.

4) Because scientific facts apply everywhere , everyone is important. Inequality leads to death. Who was most hit by this pandemic? Senior citizens in nursing homes were. Those people we tried to forget about and throw away? They were the epicenters. The people who staff those places often don’t get paid enough, or there aren’t enough of them for the job. That person wiping poop off of your relative’s butt is just as important to society as the CEO who’s not. And all the deaths which will come from the protests , and the cheated-on voters? All of them would be less likely — unnecessary, in fact — if we valued Black lives as much as we do White ones. If we viewed poor people as at least as important as rich ones, meatpackers wouldn’t be dead. If we viewed immigrants as equal in value as citizens, they wouldn’t die in our fields, or in cages, with no way to distance. If we gave housing to the homeless, they wouldn’t be messing up the streets of Los Angeles, where another spread is happening.

5) Finally, because we all share air, and facts are for everyone there is no “least” of these. We actually are all in this together. If we don’t take care of each other, and have concern for one another, our society will die, and take all of us with it. If we don’t get that the unknown cashier is just as important as the famous celebrity, or the wealthy CEO, or the grandmother or the grandchild, when we tackle the climate issues we face (and we must do that, too) we’ll die again.

These are our choices. We can learn or we can choose not to. I pity us if we choose not to.

Resisting with Peace,


When Is Treason … Treason?

There’s a story that has people on Twitter going absolutely nuts. Because it’s a weekend, I want make sure it’s gets seen because it explains a whole lot about a whole lot of things. Someone in the Executive Branch, or maybe Congress, seems to have committed treason. Yes, I know we need another scandal/something else to worry about like a hole in the head, but, boy-howdy, this is a scandal.

Here’s the story: Apparently, Vladimir Putin, leader of the Russian state, put a bounty on American servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan. He paid members of the Taliban a fee for killing Americans. In war, this may or may not be a standard practice. I don’t know. Nothing surprises me anymore. That’s horrible enough, but that’s not where the issue ends. It seems to end in Washington D.C., with our government. That’s where the treason part starts.

At some point this year, the CIA informed the White House about this. As near as I can tell, the response was… crickets. During the time the White House (and some Senators? The Gang of Eight? Unknown) the Trump administration sold PPE to Russia, Mr. Trump pushed for Russia to rejoin the G-7talks, and, in general, acted buddy-buddy with Putin’s Russia.

What seems to infuriate military folks is that Trump made a big deal of speaking at the graduation ceremony of cadets at West Point and talking about his support of our troops while knowing this information. You may remember that Trump forced the cadets to get together in the midst of the pandemic so he could tell them how proud he is of his own work in getting them the things they need. As Commander-In-Chief, he had both the right and the ability to make that happen, even against the protestations of his generals. He made it happen. They did what they were ordered to do. If he actually knew this at the time, then having bounties on their heads wasn’t something he saw as conflicting with what he was saying.

So, what is the White House saying about this? The White House Press Secretary has just today said that “the President and Vice-President knew nothing of the ‘alleged’ incident”. So, there it is. The New York Times said that the White House was briefed on this “in late March”.

There are a bunch of problems with this. 1) Did the briefing happen or not? 2) If it did, why was there no response against the Russians? 3) If the White House knew and did something about it, why not say so? 4) If the President was briefed and did nothing, did the CIA tell Congress? 5) If they told members of Congress, who were they and why didn’t they say something? 6) What did our Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who used to run the CIA, think of all of this?

The bot/spin wars are already starting. Most people on Twitter seem to be calling this treason, but one guy split hairs by saying, “no it’s not. We’re not officially at war with Russia, therefore, it’s not treason”. We’ve heard enough splitting of legal hairs in the last 3+ years to know that this might actually be legally true. Still, if cozying up to a regime that you know is actively trying to kill our troops isn’t “legally” treason, what is?

The chaos brought on by this has just begun. I just don’t want it swept under the rug on a weekend in June. Yes, Black Lives still Matter. Yes, there still is a pandemic. But our President may be a traitor. He may be pursuing policies that actually hurt Americans, while helping our enemies, enemies who want to sow discord among us. Does that sound like Donald Trump to you? And if it does, what should we do about it?

Resisting with Peace,


Simple Ideas About Justice

I’m getting old, so every once in a while, I like to go back to my roots. These are simple sayings/ideas that I have gotten along the way, mostly from my mother and my grandfather. Jesus in the gospels seem to make simple statements. Educators and authors along the way, politicians, and yes, even Republicans in the past, have said things that we haven’t heard for a long time.

From my mother: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said”. Why do people in the news not get this?

Also: “If you didn’t do anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about”. Why does our justice system not share this value? Innocent people go to jail while awaiting trial and can’t afford bail, while heinously guilty and repeat offenders people never even have a trial because they have lawyers.

From Jesus: “Love your neighbor”. “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you”. Why are laws — any laws — written which prevent this from happening?

From Leonard Nimoy, as Spock: “Nothing unreal exists”. Either something is true or it isn’t. Climate change, the coronavirus, people’s experiences, and inner reality, gravity, all exist. They just do. Whether you believe they exist doesn’t make them any less true. Oceans still rise, objects still fall. People People die. People know when they are being hurt. People experience all kinds of things that you and I can’t imagine. If you don’t want those things to happen to you, you have to acknowledge that they exist, and plan accordingly. If those things never happen to you, it doesn’t mean they don’t happen to others. Which leads me to…

From an old client in recovery: “90% of your life is none of your business”. This is the thing that I find missing in our political world, and our social world, and have for years. Libertarians like the former Governor of Minnesota, (a former pro wrestler) believe this. When asked about denouncing gay rights he said, “What does this have to do with me?”. No, he did not come out and support gay rights as I would have preferred, be he didn’t make life worse for anybody either”. I’m not sure this belief will hold up in modern society, nor am I sure it always should. Perhaps a better way to say it is what my grandmother used to say, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all“.

From Spiderman, words by Stan Lee: “With great power comes great responsibility” If every single member of Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Supreme Court believed this, we would not have the corruption that we have in government today. It goes with Jesus’ “do unto others…”, but it specifically deals with the issue of power. In fact, if police forces used this rule, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

From Mavis Staples and the Staples Singers: “People walking around, talking ’bout air pollution. Put your hand over your mouth when you cough. That’ll help the solution”. Prescient? About the coronavirus? Nope. This is another example of old beliefs that we all know, that can simply make life easier for everybody. This is not rocket science, folks. Before COVID, this was just plain kindness. Now, people on videos are taking off their masks and coughing at people. What happened? When did kindness and civility become “politically correct” and to be mocked? They did when we went crazy. Can we be sane again? Please?

From Robert Kennedy: “Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.” For years and years and years, politicians have said, “Why do we need to fund arts programs? Why do we need to give people welfare or food stamps? Why do we have to guarantee women’s rights, or why should we fund voter rights efforts, or why should we protect the environment? These all seem like good ideas to most people, but we can’t seem to find the money for them because we have to save a few dollars in tax money or balance the budget… we just can’t, they say. They say, “be realistic”, so we try that. Then hope gives way to cynicism, when we suddenly have a war, and we can suddenly find all the money necessary to destroy things and people’s lives. The whole Medicaid for All aka Universal Healthcare is a prime example of people telling us what we can’t do as a society, right after 20 years of non-stop war and a $3 Trillion deficit! It is right for people like Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders to say “let’s try!”. Faux- “realism” and cynicism have gotten us here. It’s time to think about what we can do, and try to make it happen, about things other than destruction.

Resisting in Peace,


Enough of Season 2+: No More Black Deaths

A few years ago, every time I looked at the news, there was some new reprehensible death of a Black man, followed by an awareness of the death of Black women who didn’t have to die either. More often than not, these deaths took place at the hands of police.

Here’s the list from 2012 – 2015

February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida Trayvon Martin

March 1, 2012 Dante Price, 25, Dayton, Ohio— July 17, 2014

Eric Garner, in New York City

August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, MO. Injured in the attack, 22-year-old friend Dorian Johnson.

Oct 20, 2014, in Chicago,  Laquan McDonald.

Tamir Rice, 12, Cleveland, Ohio—Nov. 22, 2014

Freddie Gray in Baltimore, On April 19, 2015,

Sandra Bland in Waller County, Texas, July 13, 2015 was a 28-year-old African American woman who was found hanged in a jail cell in, three days after being arrested during a pretextual traffic stop.

This list doesn’t include the man who was shot in his home by his next door neighbor, or the man who was shot 50 times while in his car, or others, or the church in the Carolinas ravaged by a gunman. I believe those came later.

8 high-profile murders that didn’t have to happen to (often) unarmed people was way too much for a three year period.

So here we are again, in 2020…

Ahmaud Arbery, killed while jogging. Police had a video of the killing, but didn’t arrest anyone until the video became public a month later. When the video caused the police to investigate, they arrested two of the men … and the third man, the one who took the video! — was arrested a week or more later.

On April 27, according to the LA Times, “In a 50-second video, two officers can be seen ordering a man to turn around near a fence outside the church. A male officer tells the suspect to “stop fighting,” and the suspect responds, “Ain’t nobody fighting.The officer then begins throwing overhand punches to the back of the suspect’s head while shouting profanities. At one point, the suspect attempts to take a few steps away from the officer, who follows and continues to punch the man in the head and body. A female officer stands by, occasionally reaching her hand out but otherwise not intervening.

On May 8, there was video of a Rancho Cordova policeman slamming a young Black man’s head into the concrete of an alley. Sen Kampala Harris posted about it.

Today, video surfaced of 4 officers in Minneapolis arresting a Black man man. One officer in the video is kneeling on the neck of the man. The man can heard saying “I can’t breathe”. The officers were fired. To my knowledge, no arrests have been made.

Yesterday, while birdwatching in Central Park, a black man saw a woman whose dog was not on a leash, and she appeared to be hurting the dog. When he asked her to leash the dog, she threatened to call the police. He said, “ok”. She called the police and said “There’s an African-American man threatening me”. He videotaped the whole thing. The video was shown on Twitter, the woman was not identified and possibly fired by her company.


The White woman who threatened the Black man yesterday filed a false report. Did she get arrested? No. Her employer held her accountable, not the police. Who could live under such a cloud as Black people do in our country? No one. Jogging is a crime, punishable by death for them. Birdwatching is a crime for them. Standing next to a church is a crime for them. Asking to breathe is a crime for them. Do we get it now? President Obama isn’t making this a focal point which divides the nation, despite what we heard at the time. Police officers or White citizens choking Black men, others beaten or shot is not a “made up issue by the politically correct thought police”, regardless of what you may hear or believe. I never want to do this again, and I will spend every day that I can making sure it never happens again.

Resisting with Peace (barely),


Underneath It All

While he sucks all the air out of the news, there are a few things President Trump doesn’t want you to notice:

The Government still is fighting the pandemic with one hand tied behind its back. Who’s twisting that arm? DJT! We need testing for everyone! We need results from everyone! We need tracing! We need PPE! A *good* vaccine will take time. It just will. It doesn’t matter whether we like it or not. We know what to do. The Guy won’t let us! Why?

DJT’s taxes come before the Supreme Court. Did he forget to mention that? I’m shocked that there’s gambling in River City!

America’s healthcare is threatened. How? The Feds, at DJT’s request, are trying to dismantle Obamacare. “Why?”, you may ask. Does it matter why? People will die.

The DOJ under Bill Barr is destroying the rule of law. All of the Russians will be let off, then the American criminals. Why? DJT.

The Postal Service is threatened with being taken out of business. Why? It’s because DJT doesn’t like Jeff Besos. I don’t particularly like Besos either, but I’m not going to destroy his competition to prove it.

Abortion Rights are coming up in the Supreme Court. Why is no one protesting? 1) Because of the pandemic and 2) because idiots are protesting first… for their “right” to get their hair cut, have a beer, go to the beach and threaten a governor with guns.

The economy is destroyed, and won’t be able to get better until we do…testing, tracing, and so on. What’s the plan to fix it? Same as always — give the CEOs money.

Racism is being stoked by DJT and Steven Miller. New deaths in Georgia, more repression of the vote for Blacks in Southern States. Nazi flags show up at “Freedom” riots?

There’s been the release of the Russia Collusion Report by the Senate Intel Committee. Yes, Russia did collude with DJT, no matter what Mr. Barr says. Deal with it.

Given all of this going on, why would DJT want to stop the coronavirus, and let you think about those things? Just saying…

Resisting with Peace,


The Revolution Has To Start Here — For New York City Teachers

I received one of those change.org petitions tonight. It said that Bill DiBlasio, the mayor of New York City was proposing a massive and heinous cut to the school department. I don’t know much about New York City or its budget, or even its teachers, though I do know one. What I do know is right from wrong, and national politics, and how things are going in this country I once loved. The bleeding needs to stop. The revolution in how we view each other and how we value each other — the acknowledgment of real heroes — needs to start now. This is not the way to do it.

If there’s one thing that this crisis has made clear is who honestly works hard for society, and who wants to claim America’s wealth via stealing from others — not just money, but power in so many areas of our lives. We have seen that doctors, nurses, EMTs are willing to die to save others in society. Many parents have seen just how hard it is to teach children first hand. We will see social workers and therapists picking up the pieces of it all. Is it too much to ask that their value come in the form of being able to eat, have a place to live, and see their kids in the same day? We need to start valuing the helping professions more than we do those who sell stocks. We need to value the honest and caring more than the corrupt and self-serving, and we need to start now.

I don’t actually blame Mr. DiBlasio for the problem of a budget crisis. I blame that on Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment in deeply red states. Places in the Deep South that proudly let their people starve so as to not make conglomerates pay taxes, places that don’t educate their children because they don’t believe in science or ‘liberal views”, like equality and rights have the wrong model. It doesn’t work for most people in those states and it has led us here as a country, with its hatred or misunderstanding of science, a love of blind loyalty over critical thinking, and now 70, 000 dead.

Mr. McConnell has made it clear that blue states can suffer as far as he’s concerned. The man who runs the country at this point wants to foment those divisions, and Mr. McConnell’s beliefs about the way things should be go right along with it. The answer is not what we have been trying since “trickle down economics” came to the fore. The answers are not found in less education in those red states or in any state. The answers that we need to survive are found in more education, more belief in science, more critical thought, and more creativity. Education offers all of those things. Just because McConnell doesn’t like it, and That Guy in the White House doesn’t read doesn’t make this any less true.

What I do blame Mr. DiBlasio for is buying into the forced choice that McConnell and his ilk have been pushing for years: we can’t seem to find money for programs that promote kindness or support people who do most of the work on a day-to-day basis, but we can always find money for wars and CEO’s salaries. After the federal government steals PPE and then charges exorbitant rates to hospitals and municipalities in blue states and cities that That Guy doesn’t like is not the time to give up on justice or intelligence.

The answer is to make a stand for justice, and to model kindness and intelligence that comes through conscious decision-making. The answer to this crisis is to return the country to a blue majority where we value people’s lives and the education needed to meet the challenges in life. The money will be returned to the majority of people if we get it back from the thieves who have profited from the pandemic and every other ill-gotten gain of the last 40 years, That will only happen if more of the people are represented in the halls of power. Democrats are working to make that more likely.

In a world where politics, greed and theft determine so much, we are witnessing the last bid of the corrupt and greedy to own it all. We must not let that happen. I believe we won’t let it happen come the fall, but the revolution of kindness and thought needs to start in the city with the most people in it. That, of course,is New York City. We cannot succumb to ignorance and greed. It will only teach people that selfishness is more important than other people, and we have had enough of that lesson to last us a lifetime.

So, Mr. DiBlasio, I beg you to support teachers and students in your fair city. I beg you to make choices for free thought and people’s lives by paying your teachers, your school staff, and others what they are worth. The pandemic has shown us what teachers are worth, and how important education is. Make a stand and fight for it. Thank you for your time.

Resisting with Peace,

John Madsen-Bibeau

Tara Reade, Joe Biden, and Al Franken

I knew this would come up at some point. I’m pretty sure that, on Right-Wing media, it’s been non-stop and getting louder all the time. Suddenly, it’s making noise in main-stream media. A woman named Tara Reade has come forward and claimed that Joe Biden put his hand in her underwear some years ago now. What that means to the entire American political system is open to question. What it means to women is open to question. What it means to men is open to question. What it means to the morality of regular American citizens is open to question. In short, this event hypothetically puts so much on the table that we should probably deal with it. I doubt that this essay will come to any conclusions that will satisfy anyone, but it is important that we start the conversation, and start to consider the issues. I hope to do that much anyway.

Let’s start with practical issues: First off, this whole thing is based on a hypothetical situation. As near as I can tell, there are only 2 humans and 1 God that knows if anything happened. This is the same situation between Brett Kavansugh and Christine Blasey-Ford, between Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas, between Al Franken and his accusers, between any accuser and any person accused. I have my beliefs regarding each of those cases, but I — and you — have no actual knowledge of the events (or lack thereof) if we weren’t there. Without a recording of some kind during the events (again, hypothetically, if they happened), you and I will never know the facts of these cases. The people involved, do, however, know what happened or didn’t. Finally, if you believe in God or some other being that knows everything that happens morally in the universe, they know as well. Those 3 parties know and have to cope with the events. If the humans have any sort of conscience, they will have to deal with what they have done.

This brings us to the next point: Since it is all hypothetical, we aren’t arguing about facts. We are arguing about meaning. What does it mean if the facts are that the accused did do what the accuser says they did? If it’s true, what then? What do we do? What are we supposed to infer from these facts? What is the moral of the story? The final question is this: “Is the moral universal?”. I think we have stopped asking that final question as a society to our own peril. We will deal with it here.

The third thing that I think is we should start with are facts. Her are facts as I know them that might relate to all of the cases. Like them or not, they are still true. 1) Rape and varieties of sexual assault happen. They happen a lot in our society; 2) Rape or assault has lasting negative impacts on the victim. These impacts can last a lifetime or a few months, but they are serious because their impact far outweighs the time that it took them to happen. 3) Women and men, girls and boys, and transgender folks all are victimized by sexual assault. 4) Women and men, girls and boys, and transgender folks can be perpetrators of sexual assault. I don’t want to get into details on how I know but I can assure you that it is true. Statistically, I would say that likelihood of it happening in those categories is :Women and girls, then boys and men. Trans folks? I don’t know enough to say, but there’s plenty of hatred of them out there, and murder against them is frequent, so I will assume sexual assault is frequent as well. In short, rape and sexual assault are egregious acts. We need to prevent them from happening.

On to meaning and experience: People in power — men, in particular — have often used their position of power to get others to have sex with them. In older days, men believed it was their right to do so. In fact, many men in leadership thought of it as a perk of the job. From the guy who picked up a guitar “to meet chicks” to the politician who thought his secretary came with the package of perks for the job, this is a long-standing tradition. Now, of course, there are groupies for band members and people who want to “sleep their way to top” via a powerful boss. None of these things are necessarily right, but they are the way things used to be. Regarding groupies of any sort, I don’t know what to make of them. I have not seen any social theories about them or why they do what they do, but they do exist. I believe that this is an area of inquiry for another time. We know why people choose to force others into sex — power. Why do people choose to have sex with the powerful (and only sex here, not long-lasting relationships)? I don’t know.

Further experience: Republican politicians and Democratic politicians respond differently to hypothetical exercise of sexual power. If a Democrat is seen as possibly having sex with someone below them, the belief is that they should leave office. Al Franken was told to leave his position. He did. A newly elected woman representative was told to give up her seat. She did. Republicans/ conservatives don’t seem to have the same response. Brett Kavanaugh didn’t back off of his prospective judgeship. Clarence Thomas didn’t. Most recently, Roy Moore didn’t. In the ultimate example of this, Donald Trump, with more accusers than any of the others, didn’t stop seeking the Presidency.

Here is where it gets interesting. We have the same facts or lack of facts. We have far different meanings and far different understandings of what to do with a supposed perpetrator. To my knowledge, none of these cases has ever gone to trial. Why is that? If, generally, another citizen accused of anything has to go to court to defend themself, and sexual assault charges are serious things, why don’t the accused politicians go to court, serve jail time, or generally deal with the criminal justice system?

Back before that, why do most people deal with the criminal justice system personally, and others have their lawyers appear instead? This inequity is a big issue. The answer seems to be that the wealthy are above the law in some way. If you are wealthy, you can afford a lawyer. If you cannot, it would have to be a really special court-appointed to go instead of their client. I have never heard of this happening. Again, why is this?

In each case, if the court system handled the case, we would have answers. In some cases, the answer would be “there’s not enough evidence to convict” and voters would know that. In some cases, and there were enough evidence, the person would go to jail. The voters would know that as well. In some cases, the statute of limitations will have run out. If the justice system thinks that there’s a reason for a statute of limitations, then *that* should apply to people in government as well. In each case, the case would be settled, and justice would be served as best as possible, on a more equitable footing. Then, voters could decide among non-criminal candidates.

What about the final “surprise” appearance of questionable conduct? This is the situation with Biden. We are being asked as voters to decide, without all of the information, to choose between two potentially horrible choices. Either she’s telling the truth and he’s a criminal or he’s telling the truth, and people believe he’s a criminal. In a world where we are supposed to always believe the woman, we’re electing one criminal over another. Surely there’s a better way to deal with this. These cannot be our only choices. A double bind simply won’t cut it. It will, as we have already seen, make a nation crazy.

I believe it is France, or perhaps Europe more widely, that puts a gag order on the press and social media regarding political candidates a week before the election. Perhaps we should do some form of this. Let’s say an election is in November of a certain year. The candidate must announce their candidacy and, from that date, accusers have 3 months to file charges. The case goes to trial or it doesn’t. If no charges are filed by then, there can be no presumption of guilt by the population and candidates are free to run for election. It is what it is.

Now, I note that the “Access Hollywood” would not have come out under this system. Still, no one would be able to say that their release was for political reasons. Perhaps victims would have come out of the woodwork sooner. In any case, we would not be a nation divided by politics in such a situation. The President would not be able to deny it as “political abuse” and the other candidate or party couldn’t use it that way.

All of this, is, of course, theory for now. We are stuck with this conundrum: if Biden did hurt this woman, we have to choose between two criminals. One of the candidates is believed to have done it once. The other is believed to have done it 20+ times. Biden is the best choice. Congress or the Justice Department can deal with it later — and should.

In the meantime, until Democratic candidates are on the same footing that Republicans are regarding allegations, then Biden only has to live with himself, and look at himself in the mirror. We have to guess. Ms. Reade either gets justice or she doesn’t. I wish for justice from both of them, whatever that justice is, at it relates to the facts.

At the very least, there must be some kind of process applied to all political candidates, regardless of party. I never want to lose an apparently good, intelligent man like Al Franken to political leadership without due process, while an apparently horrible man like Donald Trump destroys the whole rule of law. Killing the good while in search of the perfect is never a good idea. America, I think, has to get over the idea of perfect humans as the only acceptable candidate, because there are no perfect humans. There are only one relatively good candidates and relatively bad candidates.

If Biden is innocent, he’s a much better candidate than Trump regarding this and — in my opinion — on so many other issues. Furthermore, if Biden selects, as he said he would, a female vice-President and then gets thrown out due to the scandal, then Ms. Reade gets justice and women’s rights are protected in general. Trump has no such backup, nor would he want one. Trump wants to abuse women, in general and in specific. She would be abused and he would deserve to be thrown out.

On a final note is the moral of the story: If Ms. Reade becomes a campaign issue and Trump wins, it will be because of his misogyny. The moral for Trump men is that abusive men win, and the more abusive, the more likely they are to win. I don’t know what Biden did in the past. Given who he is now, I do believe he would be sorry now if what Ms. Reade said is true then. No one I know believes that Biden is a predator. Many believe he never was. If Biden wins, it would not necessarily be a win for the “abusers deserve to abuse” category. In fact, I suspect that he would process his guilt through policy that prevents such acts from happening again.

Would I prefer a woman candidate to Biden? Yes, I would. I would vote for Elizabeth Warren, with no such scandals, in a heartbeat. I don’t think that Bernie Sanders has the delegate totals to get the nomination, and Republicans seem to think he’s easy to beat anyway. Is he a better human being than Trump? Of course. Is he a visionary? Absolutely. Is he a leader? I can’t quite tell yet.

That leaves a good, if imperfect, man against a monster. While I want Ms. Reade to get justice, I think she’s far more likely to get it, in all the ways I have outlined above, if Joe Biden become President. Does that sound right? It is ironic at the least, and horrible if what she says is true. And there’s a 50% chance that it’ll only be ironic.

Resisting in Peace,


Trust, COVID, And How The Science Thing Works…

For all those who are making the coronavirus a political thing, or a theological thing, because science is too much of a theory, let’s talk about it in another way. Let’s talk about trust and how you should go about decision- making, so you (and I ) can get through the whole virus thing.

First off, I won’t ask you to believe anything in advance. You can be Republican, Democrat, Socialist or Nazi , or believe anything you want politically. The same is true about religion. You can have any faith or no faith. Christian, Buddhist, atheist, Jewish, or whatever. I won’t argue with any of that.

What I want you to believe is what you see, and what you hear, what you feel with your hands, what you smell, and what you have experienced — nothing more than that. The person telling you to believe them, or who you have been taught to believe, can tell you what they want. They have authority if you believe they do. What they don’t have is trust. Trust takes time, and experience. That’s how science works.

Authority can be given once. You can say, “I believe you” the first time, and you can choose to believe the person. If they say, “if you do this, that will happen” and it does, you can begin to trust that what they are saying is true. If they say, “I’m going to do something, and this will happen” and it doesn’t, then you can (and should) believe it’s not true. It’s as simple as that. Over the course of time, people will make mistakes here and there, or do an experiment slightly differently, and what they promise/believe will happen will be wrong. Trust will (and should) take a minor hit. It comes from the whole “people make mistakes” thing. That’s to be expected. No one is perfect. Also, there are small changes or weird glitches that aren’t expected. That happens. If there are enough “small glitches”, the thing they’re trying to prove simply isn’t true. There must be something else that is true. People should then try to prove that.

I don’t mean to sound simple, but all of this is called “learning”. We learn how to ride a bike this way. We learn what hurts and what helps. If we’re not convinced otherwise, this is how we learn who we can trust. This is how we learn what we can trust, and what is true. This is how we learn math and languages and how things work. If we do the math right, the number of eggs added is right when we count, you get the right amount of change at the store. If you use your language right, people understand what you’re trying to say. If your religion is telling the truth, its prophets will be proven true or your God’s promised way of life will make sense and work. This is why people of faith with texts study those texts. Most to the point, this is why education is important. With an education, you can figure your way around in life. With an education you can learn to trust yourself.

Now, you and I can’t learn everything about everything. It’s just not possible, no matter how smart you are. There are things you don’t care about. There are things you don’t have the skills for, even if you wish you did. You can figure this out by trying, over and over. If you can’t, you can’t. Everybody has things they do care about. Everybody has things they are skilled at naturally. This is why everybody is important, and how we learn about all kinds of new things in all kinds of new areas. This is how we all get smarter. We don’t have to have the skills, or do all of the basic work simply because we can rely on others who have done that work.

[All right. Stop there for a second. Go back to the beginning. Others who have done that work have earned the right to be called “Authorities”. While they can be given “authority”, trust still has to be earned. A famous leader once said, “Trust, but verify”. Try out what they say. If what they say doesn’t work, you don’t have to trust it. You never have to trust something that can’t be proven, or anyone who predicts something will happen but doesn’t. ]

Scientists are people who are seriously curious about something. Inventors are people who are almost always curious, and willing to take the risk of seeing what happens. The man who invented the light bulb didn’t view experiments as failures. He saw them as 1,000 (or more) attempts trying to figure out things. He would have been curious anyway. Curiosity was his idea of fun.

Real scientists are educated in really strict ways, and they can’t get a degree or a job if they can’t prove they are right about their ideas. If someone has a doctorate or a bachelor’s degree from a good school, with strict scientific requirements, they know what they are talking about — about the specific thing they studied. A smart foot doctor isn’t necessarily smart about ears, or astrophysics, or God. They are very smart about feet. It doesn’t make them great parents or great leaders or anything else. It makes them good foot doctors. They shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

Ok. If all of that makes sense, and you trust yourself to believe in it, let’s look at the coronavirus:

There’s a virus, or a thing, at least. It is killing people. It seems to be more contagious than other things. As of today, there are 40,000 examples of how it is killing people. There are now 250,000 examples of its being contagious. That should be enough to prove the case.

If you or I don’t want to die or get sick, and we don’t know about how the thing works, we have to listen to people who are curious, know a lot about, and can tell us how to stay safe from, this thing. Those people don’t have political science degrees. They don’t have public speaking or communications degrees. They have degrees in medicine. They have degrees in immunology.

Who in the administration has a degree in those things? Is it the President? Is it a Senator? Is it the press secretary? No. So don’t start there. Start with the surgeon general. Start with Dr. Fauci. Start with Dr. Birx. Those people are the only people who you should listen to. Even then, if they lie or what they say will happen isn’t true, don’t trust them until they get it right.

If a leader can’t or won’t answer a question, if they don’t have experience with the subject, and can’t prove what they are saying, they can’t be believed. If a leader can answer with facts, they should be believed. You may not like what the facts say. They may not like what the facts say. They are still facts. They are true.

If you and I work from those facts, and listen to people who know what they’re talking about, you are more likely to stay alive. It is as simple as that. Then you can figure out what to do from there. You’re alive to do it.

That’s how it all works in science. That’s how you can stay alive and make decisions about anything for the rest of your life. You don’t have to listen to me, or MSNBC or FOX News. You don’t have to listen to politicians. You just need facts, from people that can verify them.

Ok. Stay alive. Stay safe. Make good choices and we will make it through. I promise.

Resisting with Peace,